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Art without boundaries.

Project Owlwreck – Physical and digital surfaces

Since I was a child, I have had a passion to create new worlds. Visual and conceptual.

I am an artist living and working in southern Finland. This website is dedicated to my true love: beautiful surfaces, be they digital or physical. Images that are enticing, mesmerizing, mysterious, thoughtful and beautiful.

I am honoured to have you as my guest.

Generative art

Generative art refers to artworks created using algorithms, mathematical equations, or computer programs that generate visual or audio outputs. It involves the use of predefined rules and parameters to produce unique and often unpredictable results. Artists design and program these systems, which then autonomously generate the final artwork. The process can involve various mediums such as visual images, animations, music, or interactive installations. Generative art blurs the line between human creativity and the capabilities of technology, enabling artists to explore complex patterns, randomness, and emergent behaviors. It often embraces the concept of generativity, where the artwork itself evolves or adapts over time.

To put it briefly: in generative art, instead of creating the artwork, the artist creates the process that creates the artwork.

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Machine learning models have had a profound impact on generative art by enabling artists to create artworks that learn and evolve based on data inputs. These models can analyze vast amounts of information and generate unique visual or auditory outputs that mimic or transform the input data. With machine learning, generative art can explore new creative possibilities, push boundaries, and challenge traditional artistic processes by leveraging the power of algorithms and data-driven insights. They still cannot never replace traditional physical artforms. When a piece of digital art can exist in data vaults for a certain amount of time – requiring many variables to come true – a painting a physical artwork – can exist in our physical world for decades to be met every day – present on our wall.

NFT – art blockchained

Visit my Open Sea profile, where my generative artworks come to life. Experience a collection of unique and thought-provoking NFTs that will hopefully leave you inspired. Click the link below to visit.

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Abstract paintings

Art can change the world. It certainly has changed mine. It allows you to go to places that you would not believe existed – within yourself. It can visualize what you experience, in a manner that no words can never reach. It helps us to understand the world. It gives us joy and delight and communicates to us on a level no human can do. It comforts us, it does not judge us but leaves a path open for honest dialog within oneself.

Works of abstract art – the paintings- do not try to mimic the visible world. They are personal poems, recited privately to you.

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